Exclusive Luxury Mountaintop Estate

Long renowned as the most exclusive city in the world, Beverly Hills now also boasts the most expensive piece of undeveloped land in the world. With the best weather of any of the world’s greatest cities, Beverly Hills is left with one last undeveloped mountain, The Vineyard Beverly Hills.

The Vineyard Beverly Hills, considered by many to be the last true frontier in Beverly Hills, has been under development for twelve years. Just seven minutes from the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and moments from the world class shopping district of Rodeo Drive, the 157 acre (63.5 hectare) hilltop estate off Benedict Canyon has been transformed into the world’s most exclusive and private residential piece of real estate. This must see to believe paradise boasts an unparalleled panoramic view of Los Angeles all the way from Malibu to downtown LA while overlooking a vineyard. The Land is attracting strong domestic and international interest according to Noval Development. However, even the most powerful and influential leaders of the world’s stage faced some tough obstacles in their effort to secure the uber-elite mountaintop.

Originally owned by Princess Shams, a sister of the late Shah of Iran, the property passed to the Shah himself who intended to retire in a palace he planned to build there. In the last 12 Years The Vineyard has been separated into six separate parcels where six separate estates were to be built. The plan was to retain the most sought after architects, designers, builders and materials to reflect the perfect marriage between classic architecture and the distinctive relaxed lifestyle of California.


In comparison to the near-by Beverly Park, The Vineyard offers a level of security and privacy only heightened by astonishing views that cannot be matched by any other development in the country. Simply describing the views as “unparalleled panoramic views of Los Angeles all the way to the ocean” falls short of the almost “god-like” experience had by each of the privileged few who have accessed the site. It’s designated as the most exclusive land in America.

After spending 12 years and over 100 Million in infrastructure and carrying cost, the lender Secured Capital Partners is in the process of transferring title and will not be building the six Mega Estates previously planned. This is a one of a kind property it cannot be duplicated. The 157 acres known as The Vineyard Beverly Hills, now held by Secured Capital Partners, has been designated as the most exclusive undeveloped land in America. The property is estimated to have a value of  $1 Billion USD. It is not currently for sale. 


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1652 Tower Grove Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

Aerial view of the property

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